?     The 18th Asia (Beijing) International Food & Beverage & Import Food Exhibition was jointly launched by Alibaba Exhibition. Is the most professional food and beverage industry trade negotiation procurement docking platform, regularly held in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, tour organized by the three, belong to the food industry regular meeting.

     This exhibition will set up a publicity platform that covers the whole world and set up the most effective trade channel for exhibitors to quickly enter the market. Gathering all kinds of food enterprises on the same platform, one of them follows the development trend of the industry and facilitates all-round and deep-rooted trade talks between supply and demand parties. Let us make joint efforts to build an international high-end food trade platform in Asia, enhance the visibility of quality products in the industry and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other industries.

     The 18th Asia (Beijing) International Food & Beverage & Import Food Exhibition will be held on April 8-10, 2018 at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. You are welcome to continue your visit!

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